After two years of online meetings, iBuy partners got the chance to finally meet in person for the final project dissemination event, which took place on the 7-8 June in Riga. During this meeting, they also got to know the Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) ecosystem in Latvia. In addition, partners visited the Latvian State Forests (LVM) organization, which is one of the first PPI practitioners in Latvia.

Each partner presented their achieved results while implementing their action plans in order to support PPI. They also shared experiences about how this initiative has contributed in bringing the related stakeholders together and strengthening the ecosystem of the PPI. During the lifetime of the project, each partner has produced guidelines in their national languages, providing information aimed at capacity building of public procurers and this has helped to fill in this knowledge gap, which was identified at the beginning of the project.

iBuy partners claimed that this initiative was a crucial point in supporting PPI related policy developments in each region. Activities such as raising awareness, capacity building, creating strategic frameworks, implementing competence centers were the main tools in addressing the importance of PPI.