The main outcome of the project is set to be 7 actions plans prepared by each partner to boost innovation public procurement (IPP) in their respected regions. iBuy consortium has met online to discuss the ideas every partner has for its own action plan as well as provide feedback for the ideas of others.

During the meeting, the lead partner has presented a 10 steps approach towards boosting IPP in Lithuania. Among those steps the most notorious ideas are IPP awards, consulting services on IPP, and financial instrument for PPI. Partners from Balearic Islands are planning on setting a programme for IPP, including elements such as diagnosing an opportunity for IPP and pilot project related to COVID-19. Latvian ministry of economy will work on awareness raising, conferences, meetings and legislations issues. Portuguese partner is plaining to strengthen existent instrument in the country regarding IPP with establishing a competence center to raise the value of innovation. Romanian representatives are also interested in the possibility of establishing a competence center for IPP in their country. Finally, the Baltic Institute of Finland will focus on increasing the use of IPP in the ESIF financed projects in Tampere region.

Consortium partners will meet online once again this month, to have a one on one discussion on their action plans to make sure that the steps in mind will go hand in hand with the Interreg Europe’s regulations and they will have tangible results during the second stage of implementation of the project.