With the first stage of the project heading towards the end, partners prepare their action plans to boost IPP in their respected regions.

While the first stage of the project is set to end this November, partners still embrace the potential of learning from each other before setting plans on boosting innovation public procurement (IPP) in the region they come from. Partners have met online for the dissemination event that was supposed to be held physically in Riga this autumn. Unfortunately, due to the outburst of Covid-19 virus and limited travel arrangements, the physical event was replaced with the online one.

The event saw three Latvian institutions presenting their take on and experience with IPP. At the moment, the IPP practice is not very common in Latvia, but small steps are taken to explore it to the bigger potential. Regardless of IPP popularity within the country, public sector in Latvia still finds a way to initiate innovation, especially within communication and mobile sectors.

After the presentations, every partner got the chance to talk about their action plans and the final steps they are going to take to set the motion in action. Now the action plans will be presented to the JS. The implementation of the action plans shall start later this year.