One of iBuy’s good practices – Ventspils Reiss prior market consultation process – has been selected for the European week of cities and regions in October.

Veronika Krumkova from the Latvian Ministry of Economics will present the Ventspils Reiss performed prior market consultation, which has resulted in the development of the prototype by the company, using personal financing.

During the market research and consultation process, it has been identified, that the product is not available on the market and only few of the market players are able to develop the kind of solution needed. The research has been focused on both local and international enterprises. Referring to one of the main benefits of the prior market consultation process, Ventspils Reiss was able to prepare the market for the upcoming procurement, by defining the needs of the company. Potential suppliers were able to gather the necessary information and to supplement the specification of the product developed by the demander. As the result of the prior market consultation one of the companies, by its own initiative, has developed the first prototype of the required product.

The session on e-buses will be held 14, October 2020, 14:30 - 15:30 CET. You can check it out here: