The iEER final conference - "The Hacking Growth – boosting entrepreneurial ecosystems in European regions" - is organised jointly by the secretariat of the European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) and the consortium of the iEER project. 

In the workshops, you will gain insights of the high level politicians and experts on how to develop conducive entrepreneurship ecosystem in regions. You will also have chances to hear about the priorities and policy trends from the European Commission on how  startups and entrepreneurs may be supported in the next programme 2021-2028.

The workshop will consist of two distinguished sessions: in the first morning session invited expert-level speakers from the iEER participating regions will discuss the key ingredients of a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem. They will present the expertise gathered by the iEER project in the areas such as the entrepreneurial mind-set/culture, support for start-ups also in the peripheral regions and sharing best practices on the developing of RIS3 strategies in the context of supporting young entrepreneurs.

The second morning session will be devoted to making concrete policy recommendations to the EU level on the policies for entrepreneurship and SMEs. The session will be joined by the rapporteur of the CoR opinion on the "Contribution of regions and cities to the new EU policy framework on SMEs" as well as the speakers from the EU institutions.

You can download the programme of the workshop and register online until 27 September.

#The code of the workshop is: 10WS402.
#During the workshop it will be possible to listen and speak in five languages: EN, FR, ES, IT, PL.
#The event will be followed by a networking lunch.