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iEER: supporting entrepreneurs in Timisoara


One of the aims of the iEER learning process is to improve the efficiency of...

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iEER Blog: Be inspired by young Irish entrepreneurs


The entrepreneurship of young people has numerous dimensions. What’s more, this...

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iEER: West Region Romania’s startup ecosystem


Today a group of iEER partners and experts is travelling to Timisoara in West...

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iEER: Entrepreneurship in Outlying Areas


On a sunny Monday afternoon fifty representatives from ten countries around...

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iEER: An all island perspective to entrepreneurship


At the end of the month iEER partners will delve into the topic of...

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Blog: Working for iEER


Hi everyone!Greetings from Finland. In the second iEER blog post we’ll tell you...

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iEER in 2017: What’s to come?


It’s a big year for the iEER project. By the end of 2017 we’ll have a good...

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iEER Blog: A German in Helsinki


iEER partner Maria Leye from the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences...

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iEER year 2016 in a nutshell


It has been a busy and fun year for iEER.

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iEER got familiar with the startup scene in Helsinki


After a busy year the iEER project culminated to a peer review visit to Helsinki...

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iEER present in SME Assembly 2016


iEER-project had the privilege to be invited by the European Commission’s DG...

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iEER: What’s happening in Helsinki in November?


Come Tuesday 29 November iEER partners will arrive to Helsinki for a peer review...

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