The Strategic Entrepreneurship Plan is one of the actions included in the Action Plan of the iEER project for the Valencia Region. After the long preparation, the plan was validated by the Valencia Council of Entrepreneurship on December 17th in 2018 and was presented on February 20th this year.

The Strategic Entrepreneurship Plan is aligned with the Valencia Regional Government's policies as one of the driving projects of the Action Plan for the Transformation of the Valencian Economic Model, in tune with the premises of L'Acord del Botànic, and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

“The needs to establish the Strategic Entrepreneurship plan for the Valencia Region was based on the result of the iEER phase 1 activities when the action was prioritised by the actors in the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Valencia,” commented by the Directorate General of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism of the Valencia Regional Government.

The Strategic Plan has been prepared as a programme of connected medium-term actions that require the Regional Government of Valencia to engage in cross-departmental work between the areas of education, training, finance, employment and innovation, among others, in order to make it easier to set up companies and to develop and consolidate business initiatives in the full lifecycle of business development. 

The Strategic Plan was drawn up with widely participatory process with the collaboration of entrepreneurial ecosystem entities expressing their needs and expectations for the future in a series of fundamental aspects, such as education, technology, territorial cohesion and gender equality so that it embodies the collective ambition and desire for a shared future and a better, stronger ecosystem for enterprises. 

This Plan establishes a governance mechanism which allows the region to review progress, adjust goals and define new actions each year. The Executive Commission of the Valencian Council of Entrepreneurship carries out "Observatory" functions for the Plan and in charge of monitoring tasks and adapting its measures to changing circumstances.

 The story was contributed by the Valencia Regional Government.