The iEER Interreg Europe is happily celebrating 30-year anniversary of Interreg with the European Union! To take part, we are proudly presenting the iEER story at the newly published eBook - 30 years of Interreg: stories of a greener, younger, embracing Europe.

The Interreg, as the second pillar of the EU’s Cohesion Policy, has supported thousands and millions of cooperation across regional and national borders through project funding . Project by project, people by people, this community of Interreg programmes has built Europe to be greener, younger, and more inclusive in the past 30 years.

The iEER Interreg Europe project is one of these projects that drive changes.  As of today, the iEER has implemented 50 actions and triggered more than €40 million of EU structural funding in ten European regions to make Europe younger and more entrepreneurial. Without the funding support of the Interreg, the iEER project would not have the possibility to achieve this.

iEER project presentation in the 30 Years of Interreg eBook.

iEER as an Interreg project - making Europe greener, younger and more inclusive through cooperation!

Through realisation of cohesion spirit of the European Union, the iEER regions learned from each other and made changes. We used the knowledge and support to improve the policies and funding in developing regional entrepreneurial ecosystems and gave tools to youth and young entrepreneurs in their pursuit of business creation. For instance, the pilot action of the iEER Aula Emprende involved more than 31 universities from Europe and taught entrepreneurial skills and mindset to more 1100 young students in one year.

Join #Interreg30 celebration and visit the virtual exhibition of 30 years together!

Owing to this tangible outcome and achievement, the iEER was selected by the European Commission DG REGIO as one of the stories driving for youth cooperation for the eBook “30 years of Interreg: stories of a greener, younger, embracing Europe”.

We are honored for being selected as one of the 30 stories that made the success of Interreg in the eBook.  As entrepreneurial regions, the iEER partners will continue driving in making Europe greener, younger, more inclusive and more entrepreneurial.

Happy birthday, Interreg!