The 3rd stakeholders meeting of Molise Region, partner of the IMPACT project, was held in
Riccia, Campobasso, on November 10th 2017. A Dissemination event took place afterwards.

At the stakeholders meeting, there were 16 participants, considering Molise Region Staff and regional and local stakeholders representatives.

The session was opened by Mrs. Antonella Di Domenico, Assessor to Social Policies of Riccia
who, after greeting and thanking those present for participating in the
meeting, and after giving the greetings on behalf of the Mayor, Mrs. Micaela Fanelli,
engaged abroad in European Region Committee activities, briefly illustrated the aims of the
meeting and its importance for the collection of suggestions coming from territories to the
improvement of Regional policies with regards to environment protection and exploitation.

Mrs. Di Domenico gave the floor to Mr. Sorrentino FATICA, IMPACT project Manager, who
made a presentation on strategic importance of stakeholders participation in projects
activities, summarizing their contributions received up to now, the activities in which they
have taken part and the outputs of their cooperation.

The proceedings of the meeting can be found here.