In an online meeting, the Regional Government of Andalusia  has exposed to some of their main stakeholders,   the Action Plan resulting from  the completion of  the Phase 1 of IMPACT project.

The Action Plan has 5 lines of work, which have notably been enriched with the incorporation of valuable input from selected Good Practices.

The 5 lines of work of the Action plan are the following: 

1. Assessment of Ecosystem services

> Inspiring GP: Use of Biodiversity data in decision making: the SITxell Project

2. System of public mediation between local communities and the protected area management entity 

> Inspiring GP: Conflict resolution between protected area managers and a local community

3. Analysis of the carrying capacity of the protected area

> Inspiring GP: Evaluating the carrying capacity for visitor management in protected areas – Case study Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

4. Compensation and Social Responsability Actions as a means of funding protected areas

> Inspiring GP: Eco-tourism in Casacalenda

5. Integration of the local community in the Sustainable Development of the Protected area

> Inspiring GP: Shifting dune management on the Curonian Spit, a coastal UNESCO World Heritage landscape.