IMPACT Interreg Europe partners are fully implementing their action plans whose main overall objectives are to:

  • improve spatial and management tools for Natura 2000 sites
  • increase competences of different target groups
  • raise awareness about natural assets (risks and potential)
  • increase tourism flows in low and medium season
  • involve young people in biodiversity preservation

Partner 5 INCDT Romania is currently focused on the implementation of its Action #3 "Awareness-raising among high school students, with respect to regional biodiversity".  Specifically, subaction 3.4. Publication of a forestry education manual for students from the Vânători Neamţ Natural Park area was entirely implemented and further disseminated through entire Neamt county.

The educational manual has been distributed to the schools in the 13 county forest districts in the Neamt county and at each school.  There was a dissemination lesson in classroom and fieldwork about local biodiversity and connection with nature; knowledge acquisition and student action in a local area (nature-work sites, hedges plantation).

This action made a good impact at the regional level: One lesson from the Forest manual will be included in the national evaluation of the Eight grade (pupils are 14-15 years old). At the national level, the Minister of Water and Forest took a visit in Neamt County and congratulate the entire team for the work undertaken at the regional level: Management Administration of Vanatori Neamt Natural Park, Neamt Forestry Direction and Neamt School Inspectorate.