Regione Molise hold its first Stakeholders meeting on the 23rd of February at the  Camera di Commercio del Molise, in Isernia .

The meeting was open by Vittorino Facciolla - Councillor for Agriculture and the Environment; Regione Molise.

Several  presentations followed: 

  • The IMPACT project: the challenges and objectives to identify new management models for the development and protection of natural biodiversity- Sorrentino Fatica , Staff del Progetto IMPACT.
  • Community policies and the Biodiversity Strategy: implementation at the regional level through the 2014-2020 program - Pierluigi Milone - Expert in development strategies & Daniele Ciarlariello - AT PSR 2014-2020 
  • Natura 2000 - Protected areas and their management in the Molise Region: relations with the national legislation   and community, the critical issues and opportunities for growth  - Nicolina Del Bianco - Manager of the Service of Enhancement and Protection of Mountains and Forests, Biodiversity and sustainable development - Region Molise & Fausto Ricci - Head of "Protected Areas and Biodiversity - Region Molise 
  • The business models that can be used for the economic management of environmental protection and enhancement of protected areas -  Pierluigi Milone - Expert in development strategies
  • Presentation of best practices management of protected areas : Garden for the Apennine flora Capracotta - Management Consortium Oasis Guardiaregia - WWF  Nicola Merola, Director of the Regional Natural Reserve "Guardiaregia-Campochiaro"
  • Local stakeholders and their involvement in the policies of protection and enhancement of the area: the current status, the critical issues, opportunities for greater integration -  Paolo Di Martino - Governance of the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve Alto Molise Collemeluccio Montedimezzo
  • The contributions of stakeholders to the objectives of the IMPACT project: collection of tips and activation of   a "Stakeholders Working Group»