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Final Dissemination Event in Brussels


The IMPROVE project brings together 8 partners from regions and cities across...

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IMPROVE project: Phase 2 activities


IMPROVE project`s phase 2 is underway and partners are implementing their action...

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Study visits and finalization of action plans


In the sixth semester of IMPROVE project, main activities of the project have...

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Action plans published on project website


During the sixth semester partners have prepared and finalized their action...

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Sharing good practices on the SV to Extremadura


Partners from France, Italy, Romania and Estonia have visited the region to...

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A focus on monitoring in Puglia study visit


ARTI presented to the partners the monitoring system of the Apulian RIS3, which...

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Improve Study visit in Rovaniemi Lapland


IMPROVE project`s Study visit in Rovaniemi Lapland was held 22 March.

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Governance and implementation of Smart City Tartu


IMPROVE project’s 2nd round visit ‘Good Practices of Tartu region’, organized by...

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Learnings from Centre-Val de Loire`s practices


As part of the European interregional cooperation programmes in which DEV'UP...

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Regional stakeholder meetings in semester 4


IMPROVE project aims to develop a better delivery of RDI policies by developing...

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Overview on 5th semester activities


During the last six months the exchange of experiences has continued through...

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Project overviews published on library section


Project overviews produced by partners have been published on library section.

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