Methodologies for improving the effectiveness of research projects and for maximizing their impact on firms.

Networking aspects will be taken into consideration.


MORNING SESSION 10.00 - 12.30

Opening session

Silvano Bertini (Regione Emilia-Romagna)

Competence Mapping: a systematic approach for stimulating competence based growth potentials–

Manfred Peritsch– (IMG, Austria)

Presentation of the methodology and tool created in Lower Austria in order to identify strategically significant innovation potential, and to analyze companies and R&D facilities in order to detect and describe their competences.

The session will include presentation of case studies and interaction with the actors of Emilia-Romagna that will present their experience


Presentation of the GUIDE “To knowledge collaborations that create growth in enterprises”

 Morten Solgaard Thomsen (Reg lab, Denmark)

The aim is to give to Emilia -Romagna actors (Center for Innovation, Clusters,etc) a methodology that can be used in order to create and exploit existing knowledge and share them with enterprises.

All phases will be presented, but with a particular focus on “after” phase and on the adjustment and follow up steps.

Open discussion and exchange with Emilia-Romagna participants will be carried out, also in groups.

Conclusions . Maria Grazia Zucchini (Aster)