Action Plan

Navarra incurred in duplicity when acquiring scientific equipment or building infrastructures for researching usages. This is due to the lack of knowledge of the existing equipment and infrastructures, from part of all regional innovation agents. Eventually, this leads to an unnecessary duplication of costs. 

Subsequently, to solve this problem, a Scientific Infrastructures and Equipment Sharing System (SIESS) was designed and implement to provide an online catalogue-like able to show the capacity of Navarra innovation agents. This will let R&D entities to share infrastructures and equipment for research and development purposes, envisaging increasing collaboration between them and importantly, saving costs for the society.

Achieved steps

The first phase of analysis of the regional necessity has been addressed. This included (i) the development of the infrastructures and equipment catalogue, (ii) the design of the taxonomy for the general classification, (iii) the design and development of the software for common management and (iv) the regional communication campaign.

Next steps

Hereafter, the second phase of expansion, monitoring and maintenance will be faced. This consists on:

Expansion: SIESS platform counts with 346 researchers/technologist registered and interacting each other. Within the upcoming years 2019 - 2020 it is expected that all researchers/technologists working in the region, a total of 1.200, will have access to the platform. Not only the expansion in regards to the number of participants is considered but also an increase in the number of the equipment shared in the database. Similarly it is scheduled the incorporation of computational software for simulation matters with common licenses that lets shared costs by registered members/associated institutions.

Monitoring: in the next months, specific indicators to monitor the expansion phase will be defined. Similarly, each 6 months, an exhaustive analysis of the feedback from end-user will be developed. In this sense, participants are continuously providing feedback via email to the technical responsible of SIESS. The information is collected and it must be analysed to incorporate to the platform those suggestions that enrich SIESS and their usage.

 Maintenance: web maintenance, incorporation of improvements and changes in the platforms must be performed on an ongoing basis. To support this maintenance activities, ADItech will rely on the Government of Navarra different calls. Specifically, each year the regional Government launches a call to implement tools and platform to support innovation*.

 Integration in Regional Strategy

 The Action Plan presented within INKREASE project arose from the exhaustive analysis of the main necessities detected on Navarra region. Related results of this reflection were collected into the Research and Innovation strategy for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) of Navarra, prerequisite to receive funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

ADItech Technology Corporation is the coordinator of the Navarra innovation system, this is the agent in charge of coordinating all delivery agents in the system and stimulating the interaction between science, technology and business in Navarra. ADItech managed the participation of the regional stakeholders in all actions of INKREAE, identified good practices with application in the region and promoted the cooperation between international stakeholders, institutions and regions involved in the project within the first phase.