The "House of Digitalization" is the lighthouse of the Lower Austrian digitalization strategy. It is an important interface for digital transformation and is currently used as an interactive platform with personalized services and an automatic proposal system to network Lower Austrian companies with research and educational institutions, as well as being a meeting point for interested citizens in the field of digitalization

The virtual House of Digitalization is an interactive platform with personalized services for networking individuals and companies with interest in the digital realm. Artificial intelligence running on the platform’s back end ensures that visitors receive information that is most relevant to their areas of interest. Interactive services assist in finding the most appropriate partner for new concepts or projects. 

EcoPlus is mapping the existing competences of Lower Austrian innovation agents, hub experts and competence centers. 

The Platform is running since more than 1 year now, and continuously improves its catalogue of competences, by regular updates. 

It now involves 625 registered users and 332 registered companies


  • Competence Mapping of Life Science at Technopol Krems
  • Competence Mapping of Danube University


  • Competence Mapping for Karl Landsteiner University. The 2 departments for Biomechanics and Oncology are had already finished their work. At the begin of next year we will work together with the department “Water and Health”


Digitalization is a key issue for Lower Austria's economy. The government of the federal state of Lower Austria aims to support businesses and their employees through a wide range of measures. The beating heart of all these projects is the House of Digitalization. In the years ahead, this house will evolve from an international network of expertise into a virtual house and eventually, by the year 2022, a physical House of Digitalization in Tulln

The interactive platform cordially invites visitors to tour the virtual house.