The digitalization strategy of the province of Lower Austria is designed to support companies, qualify employees, and raise awareness among a broader section of the population. The flagship project is the “House of Digitalization”. It is an important interface for the digital transformation and is currently being set up as an interactive platform with personalized services and an automated suggestion system for networking Lower Austrian companies with research and educational institutions and as a meeting place for the interested public in the field of digitalization.

The “construction” takes place in three steps. In a first step, which was completed in 2018, digital nodes were set up in St. Pölten, Krems, Tulln, Wieselburg, Klosterneuburg, and Wiener Neustadt,
where specific competencies already existing in the state are bundled and networked with each other. The second step was to build a “virtual house” with ten levels. As a third step, a real house of digitalization will be built in Tulln by 2022.

More information on the project: Stay at Home - Go Digital