From March 25th to 27th, the Valencian partners IBV and IVACE of the Inno4Sports project will host the Inno4Sports Interreg Event (IE) and the Knowledge Capitalization Seminar (KCS). Sport experts from all over Europe and project partners from Holland, Finland, Hungary, Poland and Belgium will be in Valencia to discuss the sport ecosystems of the regions involved in the project. Four days of intense work on how to improve innovation in sport and how to generate socio-economic development in sectors such as tourism and health.

On the first day, the Inno4Sport partners will meet at the IVACE headquarters, where the "Sport in the Valencian Region" situation will be discussed, including the Labesports experience within the RIS3CV. In the afternoon a meeting with the Fundación Deportiva Municipal (City Sports Council) is planned at the Complex Esportiu de la Petxina, where the "Ecosystems of Sport in Smart Cities" will be discussed.

On the second day, the sessions will take place at IBV and they will include debates on the "Crossover between Sports, Tourism and Health", on "Good Practices in Regional Policies" and "Clusters and Innovation Ecosystems".

The calendar includes visits to the sports facilities in the old course of the Turia river, the facilities of the Tarongers Campus (UPV – Politechinal Univeristy of Valencia) and a visit to the Alquéria del Basket where the sponsorship program of Juan Roig will be analyzed.

In these days the participation of important experts of the panorama of Valencian sport such as the City Sports Council, Turisme de Comiunitat Valenciana, the Direcció General d'Esports, the General Directorate of Public Health, the COLEF-CV, CVIDA, ACCIÓ Catalunya and the CSIC.

Since the European Union put the accent on the ecosystems of innovation in sport there are many initiatives that are being carried out in Europe and among them the Inno4Sports project. It aims to share the experiences of different European regions with different levels of development and experience in sport. The ultimate goal is to improve the functioning and efficiency of regional development programs that can help deploy the innovative potential of sport.

The project is based on the broad cooperation of the quadruple helix of innovation involving representatives of public administrations, the knowledge sector, the business world and civil society, all of them will be present in Valencia in this important European event.

At the end of the conference, the conclusions will be collected in a 'Dossier Valencia' that will contribute to the activities of Inno4Sport and in general to the development of regional policies on sport ecosystems in the future.