The meeting started with a short presentation from each regions to give an update on the actions performed since the last meeting and has been followed by an interactive workshop on the next actions to be implemented and a general project meeting.

The Knowledge Capitalization Seminar (KCS) on academia & sport has then been conducted accordingly:

  • Presentation of the Lodz University of Technology: cluster building, R&D for sports (Grzegorz Liśkiewicz, Ph. D)
  • Academic sports association of the LUoT (Ewa Brochocka, CEO)
  • EUSA Games Lodz 2022 as a tool of place marketing (Marta Rybicka, PM)
  • Cross-overs industry/business: start-up & spin-off companies: Angionica (prof. Andrzej Marcinek, Member of the Board)
  • Visiting the venue: “Sports Bay” facility

Finally, on the second day, the partnership had a fruitful discussion on two Covid related Good Practices (GP):

GP#1: Covid-related outdoor activities

  • Winter swimming at “Fala” pools: case of urban engagement (Anna Duda, Head of Marketing)
  • Stowarzyszenie Wszystko Gra – Association Everything Is Fine: Fit For Five GP: Nordic walking, power walking and winter swimming (Mirosław Frankiewicz)
  • Short walk at the Zdrowie Park with a basic Nordic walking training

GP#2: Covid-related corporate social responsibility

  • PwC Spring Walk challenge: International Sport Day (Łukasz Koprowski, Head of the Office)
  • Swim For A Dream charity actions towards children from excluded communities and Ukrainian refugees (Adam Jerzykowski, CEO)

We are almost at the end of our I4S Project and the next meeting will take place in June in Spain, with the organization of our I4S Final Conference!