A smart running shoe that can help you run faster, prevent injuries and indicates the best way to perform your activity. Sounds like science fiction? Think again. Smart Footwear Sport (SFS) from Valencia developed the first smart running shoes that will make you improve day by day.

Smart Footwear Sport was founded in November 2018, with the aim to allow sports professionals to obtain information, and thus be able to prevent injuries and make their patients happier with their environment and with themselves, helping them to identify failures in their activity and allowing them to reach a higher level of wellness.

Evaluate athlete

The development of the smart running shoe started after Soccerfab Salud S.R.L. identified in its clinics ‘Podólogo Deportivo Valencia’ the need for such a shoe. In the clinic thousands of runners were evaluated and rehabilitated. Observing that the existing tools currently on the market do not cover the real need that the health workers have in their clinics when they are evaluating an athlete, they try to simulate movements of the runner. At the moment there is no existing tool that allows to evaluate the patient when working in fatigue: this is the time in which the runner is more prone to injuries.

In addition, you cannot generate changes in the movement pattern in real time when bad practices are detected, because there isn’t any tool that generates direct feedback neither.

First smart running shoe

If you have knowledge about your failures, it is possible to obtain solutions that make a person more precise in training, better and prosper. For this reason, SFS joined in the same team a podiatrist and an electronic engineer to combine the best of both disciplines and create SFS shoe, the first smart running shoes that will make runners improve day by day. The team will always be there monitoring and indicating the best way to perform the activity.

Two main objectives

The product that has been developed has two main objectives.

First of all, they are smart trainers, as they can generate direct feedback through stimulating in the user so as the runner can:

  • Learn running technique 
  • Improve running technique 
  • Prevent injuries
  • Perform rehabilitation exercises correctly 

As a second objective, it includes a potentiometer that helps the user to continue advancing in their physical form, after learning a good running technique, because it allows them to:

  • Learn to use the necessary force 
  • Improve race performance
  • Achieve an economic gesture of the race
  • Lower times in their competitions 

Moreover, you can stay always connected with your trusted podiatrist, in both phases, through a chat. The professional will guide you from the data obtained by the SFS, especially with the information obtained from times of fatigue, where the most significant changes are generated.

SFS smart shoes are developed and manufactured in Valencia Region, strengthening the ‘made in Spain’ brand in the international markets.

For more information visit the web page: https://www.smartfootwearsport.com/.

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