Because Innocastle partners were unable to physically meet each other in Flanders, the study visit that was originally planned to take place in May 2020 was organised online. The alternative took place in several parts in May and November 2020.

The full learning report of the study visit can be found here

Good practices from Flanders as an inspiration to develop rural estates

On the 14th of May 2020, a webinar on good practices from Flanders was organised for all interested parties. Participants learned about a holistic approach toward heritage and how Flemish heritage policies fosters transdisciplinary cooperation with intention of co-production with relevant stakeholders. Second, webinar participants learned about the area specific-approach of the Flemish Land Agency, the 'Open Space Movement' that support local initiatives and the quality of life.  The third presentation was about Heers Castle, a rural estate as an example of how community building could drive the development of rural estates, with a specific focus on the landscape and surroundings of the building. 

The whole webinar is available on Facebook.

The design sprints to enhance creative cooperation

On the 3rd of November, a design sprint was organised on how digital tools could solve challenges of rural estates in a creative manner. Innocastle learning cases were used as case studies, and participants brainstormed about possible solutions and future cooperation possibilities including digitisation and participation. New ideas on communities, climate adaption, past and future use of heritage sites, and many more were discussed. A video about Flanders was shown to participants at the beginning.

Last partner meeting of phase 1

In the afternoon of November 3rd, Innocastle partners discussed the mid-term review results, actions plans and upcoming actions for phase 2. Future cooperation possibilities on relevant themes, such as inclusive heritage management, digitisation, climate adaption and cultural programming were mentioned. 

The full agenda for November 3rd is available in the Innocastle Library.

Online Colloquium kastelen, landgoederen en landhuizen

On 5th of November, online event in Dutch was organised for all relevant stakeholders on how participative and cross-sectoral project initiated by the Flanders Heritage Agency can help to solve challenges for rural estates. Presentations and a full report of the event are available here.

This symposium is organised by KASK & Conservatorium (HOGENT en Howest) in collaboration with the Flemish Heritage Agency and the province of West-Flanders in the context of the Interreg Europe project Innocastle.