ARCADIAN LANDSCAPES - Connecting Cultural Heritage and Historic Designed Landscape of Northwestern Europe
2 November 2018 - Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Innocastle was invited to present at a conference organised by the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency on Historic designed landscapes and heritage estates in relation to the challenges of the future.

Representatives and experts from various heritage organisations and authorities presented obstacles and chances for maintaining and finding new purposes for heritage castles, manors and its estates. Innocastle presented the added value of international cooperation on this topic 

An interesting aspect of the conference was the role of heritage as a vector for societal development and value creation.

We need to move further from heritage as condition for identity and economic value towards heritage as a carrier for ‘bildung’, co-creation and societal values.

We have to watch out for ‘themeparkisation’ of heritage assets and be open for other purposes. More research by design for relevant themes on heritage estates such as climate, circulair economy, rural-urban and demographic change is needed.