Innocastle partners met in Brussels between 4-5 February 2019 to review the first semester and dive deeper into each policy instrument from the partner regions. 

In this meeting, the partners also met and welcomed the new partner from Spain, the Provincial Government of Badajoz. 

In the first day, all partners prepared a presentation about their progress with the baseline survey and with the involvement of their local stakeholders. For each specific objective of Innocastle (governance, finance, promotion, continuation), the partners identified a few focus topics and themes of interest. These include place-based approaches, innovative business cases, audience development and cultural routes. The list will be further defined in the course of semester 2. These will be further investigated during the study visits and in the baseline survey. 

In the second day, the focus moved on the regional action plans and the stakeholder mapping. Emma Thompson from the knowledge partner National Trust gave an interesting presentation on stakeholder mapping as an essential management and communication tool. 

Afterwards, all partners took part in an intensive stakeholder mapping workshop. The partners identified the main stakeholders in their region and collaborated on thinking of new kinds of stakeholders who could be involved in the policy-making process. 

The next meeting will take place during the study visit in Wales, where partners will explore themes such as volunteering, partnerships and business development.