The Province of Badajoz organised the first stakeholder meeting in two locations (in Zafra on the 19th of June and in Llerena on the 20th of June). The aim of the meeting was to introduce the project Innocastle and to discuss the possible learning cases within the Province. 

Image: Max Pixel - CC0

A learning case is a part of the methodology of Innocastle. Through learning cases, partners will explore some issues on the field and how these relate to the policy instruments that each partner aims to improve.

The main themes discussed during the meetings were:

  • Introducing Innocastle and discussing which points in the policy instrument in Spain could be best approached during the project
  • Discussing heritage management models and regional challenges
  • Discussing how to improve the commercial uses of castles, manors and estates: how to attract more people to visit them, and how to increase the economic profit in the area through heritage.

Image: Pederseguro [Public domain]

The meetings brought together stakeholders from:

  • The Regional Tourism Department (DG Tourism Junta de Extremadura)
  • Parador Nacional de Zafra - a castle which is part of the Paradores Network (a Spanish state-owned chain of castles transformed into luxury hotels)
  • Hospederia Llerena (part of the Hospederías de Extremadura Hotel network, also managed by the Regional Government of Extremadura)
  • GPEX Extremadura