What is another way of disseminating the learning points from a study visit? Comics & bookmarks, of course! 

Following the Innocastle study visit in Romania, the main learning points were turned into creative comics by artist Alex Tamba. These were later made available as bookmarks, together with a summary of the specific learning point described in each of them. Check out these great comics and the story behind them below:

Comics by Alex Tamba. The full-size versions can be found here: www.interregeurope.eu/innocastle/library/

The value of heritage

Visiting heritage sites is not just pleasant, it is also good for your health. Based on an innovative policy collaboration between the health and cultural sector, doctors in the UK can now prescribe visits to heritage sites to improving health. Heritage also influences our cultural identity and sense of belonging. It’s scientifically proven - places make us. (National Trust UK)

Quality matters

Unfortunately, the quality of restorations is not always properly evaluated in Romania. Sometimes even restorations using European funds can end up destroying historical monuments. The process of approving interventions focuses mostly on technical aspects, and not on the quality of the works. More attention should be paid to the sense of place and the values of the past, in order to raise heritage to its full potential.

Heritage is not only a cost

In some countries such as Romania, heritage sites restored from public funds are restricted from making a profit. They are not allowed to for example open a cafe for visitors on the site. This leads to a lack of innovation and a dependency on funds and on other horeca facilities in the area. The economic ‘freeing’ of heritage would lead to more sustainable heritage models, resulting in increased economic benefits for the wider region.

Who owns our heritage?

Often the ownership of castles, manors and estates is a complicated issue. Due to land fragmentation, state appropriation and/or differences between owners and administrators, important heritage sites are often left unused due to legislative uncertainties. To be properly managed and valorized, these sites are in urgent need of partnerships between various partners.

These comics and texts are based on the learning report of the Romanian study visit. The full report can be accessed here: https://www.interregeurope.eu/innocastle/news/news-article/5107/learning-report-study-visit-romania/ .