The learning report for the Innocastle study visit that took place in May 2019 Wales is available now. Based on the main outcomes of the visit, a series of illustrations were also created.

The themes for the Study Visit were selected in consultation with the Partners, in relation to specific needs that were identified over the course of the first two Semesters. They were:

  • Business diversification – The participants saw how their British counterparts stimulate the development of sustainable businesses at castles, manors and estates and took home some new ideas and a different mindset.

The visit to Eastnor Castle was very interesting in the way the site was run. The owner used a very commercial model but the atmosphere was still very castle-like. Maybe we heritage professionals must show a bit more bravery in exploiting (some) castles?   - Monique de Rooij, Province of Gelderland                                  

  •  Volunteering – The participants explored ways of creating long-term engagement with local communities and volunteers. They were all really impressed by the idea of ‘visiteering’ (short-term volunteering).                                      
  • Partnership working – We introduced participants to different models of partnership – private owners working with corporate sponsors; private owners collaborating with the National Trust and other parts of the heritage sector; local communities taking responsibility for heritage sites; the National Trust collaborating with local communities, etc.

Check out the full report in the Innocastle library. Also see the video created after the study visit here: