Innocastle attended last week 'Beyond the Obvious 2019 - Culture Crops', a thematic conference dedicated to cultural practices in non-urban territories. 

Part of the program was the Culture Crops Agora, an informal networking forum which brought together around 25 projects, facilitating dialogue and new partnerships. As part of the selected projects for the agora, Innocastle had its own stand where Lucia Leca (National Institute for Heritage - Innocastle lead partner) introduced the project to visitors and other conference participants. 

The thematic conference also included debates and workshops focused on issues such as:

  • mobility, desertification of rural areas, and changing the target audience in relation to the development of the society;
  • the improvement of cohesion policies in relation to the built heritage;
  • fostering motivation and self-empowerment of the communities by being aware of existing local values;
  • adopting and diversifying the cultural EU policy in terms of scaling programs, capacity building, facilitating application processes to reach the goal of true territorial equity etc.

Castles and manors are real resources, which can be used to increase the attractiveness of rural areas as well as their economy.

 More about the CULTURE CROPS output will soon be available at