Challenges in the region

The need for a clearer strategy for heritage exploitation and maintenance for the present period and future programs draws the different governmental bodies to work together. With a limited budget for the regional heritage departments, the partners in the region struggle to find the best design and implementation of the policy instruments. 

Through Innocastle, the Province of Badajoz will be improving communication between different stakeholders and defining stable coordination structures, and more detailed strategies for the use of funds, taxation and subsidies. At the moment there is but very little foreseeable public funding for restoration. Therefore, the experiences of collaboration and joint efforts between the public and private sector (i.e. administrative bodies with the private agents) need to be further investigated and efficient schemes for castle owners to afford the maintenance and restoration are needed. 

Detailed description of all the learning cases is available here.

Action plan

The main focus in the region of Badajoz is to seek for valuable business models both in the private and public sector to manage the historic castles, manors and estates in the area. Better promotion and product development will result in valuable development of the cases. Finally, identifying legal and fiscal barriers concerning these heritage sites will ensure efficiently exploited castles in the future. 

Learning cases in short 

Luna castle – Underused potential for the region

Through Innocastle, the Province of Badajoz is working on identifying current legal and fiscal barriers and implementing new policy tools to ensure the efficient management and exploitation of castles in the region. 

Zafra castle – Linking the Parador-hotel with its neighbors

Through Innocastle, the aim of the project is to better understand and further develop the current exploitation model. A public asset managed as a private institution that has good consideration among citizens will be a useful tool for others to learn from.

Medellin castle – Warranty for future restoration needed

The castle of Medellin will need further elaboration and implementation of set and stable procedures to guarantee the continuity of the efficient coordinated and collaborative castle restoration and exploitation exercise done by the different public and local community agents.