This interactive digital peer-review event hosted in Centre-Val de Loire (FR) takes place today 24th and tomorrow 25th of November 2020! This event is part of the Interreg Europe project – #InnoHEIs. InnoHEIs aims at enlarging the role of higher education institutions (HEIs) and their research and innovation infrastructure.  

Partners from Sweden (Mid Sweden University), Finland (Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd), Lithuania (Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania), The Netherlands (Hanze University of Applied Sciences), Polen (University of Silesia in Katowice), France (DEV’UP Centre-Val de Loire) and Spain (Autonomous University of Barcelona) will all participate in this online two day event.  

Some of the highlights of this online event are: 

  • Presentation of the Centre‐Val de Loire regional Council and its main policy instruments relating to RDI, Nicolas Dubouloz, Director of Higher Education, Research, Technology Transfer at Region   
  • Brainstorming session from the first challenge encountered by the regional actors: “How can we ensure that the university training offer matches the needs of companies?” 
  • Testimony: the Agroscience coalition in connection with the horizontal measure of the RIS3 "Fostering cooperation between research, education and training organisations and actors of the agricultural and forestry profession for an agro‐ecological transition", Aurélien Lepennetier, CVL Coordinator of Vegepolys Valley cluster 
  • Brainstorming session from the second challenge encountered by the regional actors: "What steps should be taken to ensure that research projects are geared towards the needs of companies and to feed into RIS3?” 
  • Testimony: the ARD MATEX Program related to the horizontal measure of the RIS3 “Promote industrial transition through the implementation  of  a  multi‐material  approach”,  Catherine Bessada, CNRS and Frederic Ros, OVLT (Orleans Val de Loire technopole)