In this interactive workshop we are going to discuss the HESS case studies which the Joint Research Centre (European Commission) conducted in Lithuania and Northern Netherlands. The HESS addressed topics are very much related to the scope of the InnoHEIs project. The outcomes of the study will be analyzed and discussed during the workshop. Furthermore, we are going to discuss how to enhance a role of high education institutions, their research and innovation infrastructure so that they can better contribute to regional development.   

AGENDA - February 17 at 10:00-12:00 AM (CET)  

  • Welcome and introduction round by InnoHEIs-partners and participants
  • Presentation of the HESS cases in Lithuania and Northern Netherlands by Eskarne Arregui (European Commission, Joint Research Centre)
  • Q&A session
  • Discussion sessions (in groups followed by summarizing)
  • Session 1:
  • What kind of actions and ways should be taken aiming to attract talents to the regions/countries?
  • Session 2:
  • Q1: How can research & innovation infrastructures become a space for higher education-business interactions, collaborations and innovation projects? Can students and international researchers become facilitators and bridges of such collaborations? (moderator Karin Nygard-Skalman, MIUN)
  • Q2: How can students help/assist companies to climb on the innovation escalator? And at the same time, how could this lead to student retention in the region? (moderator Joep Hoveling SNN)
  • Q3: How to further improve the connection and dialogue between HEIs, government and business, thereby creating regional strategic agenda’s? (moderator Eskarne Arregui Joint Research Centre, European Commission)
  • Q4: How to improve the connection and dialogue between HEIs, government and business aiming to ensure balanced funding for HEIs R&D infrastructure? (moderator Mantas Vilys, LIC)
  • Wrap up and rounding off