Project News

Finnish InnoHEIs stakeholders gathered together


In Tampere Finland, the first stakeholder meeting gathered more than twenty...

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Tampere UAS FieldLab leads the way to innovation


InnoHEIs partner Tampere University of Applied Sciences is leading the way to...

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First stakeholder meeting in Barcelona


The Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB’s) first stakeholder meeting on...

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Stakeholder workshop in Silesia, Poland


On 9 December 2019, the InnoHEIs project workshop took place in the Marshal's...

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Lithuanian stakeholders push region forward


Lithuanian local businesses and authorities are eager to push their region...

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Watch the InnoHEIs video


Watch the InnoHEIs video to meet the partners and learn more about the project.

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Northern Netherlands stakeholders meeting


The Dutch stakeholders of the project met in Groningen to discuss InnoHEIs.

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Kick start for InnoHEIs to speed up innovations!


Successful start of the Interreg Europe project InnoHEIs in the Northern...

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