From the 9th till the 11th of May, InnoHEIs partners visited the Lithuanian partners Ministry of Education, Science and sport, and Lithuanian Innovation Centre. Partners were happy to meet again, this time in sunny Lithuania.

The kick off of the full three day program started on the 9th of May and took place at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport which is located in the heart of the old town of Vilnius. After a warm welcome, Laima Taparauskiene started sharing information on the R&D in Lithuania followed by the innovation in Lithuania presented by Erika Tauraite-Kavai.

During the afternoon the Lithuanian partners showed examples of how businesses integrated the infrastructure in sharing research and innovations. Firstly, Mindaugas Bulota elaborated on how university work improved and are still looking to further improve their infrastructure. The industry-research collaboration at Kaunas University of Technology. Followed by Arminas Varanauskas talking about the Green Deal, RTO Lithuania, next was Viktorija Vaitkeviciene further specifying on the R&I capacities and infrastructure for the development of the blue economy. We ended the meeting with Aidas Matijosius from Vilnius university, Laser Research Center: Collaboration in practice.

It was interested to see how Vilnius interpreted the policy and action plan. We are continuously learning from each other.

The second day, May 10 we started the day with a meeting to gather and share thoughts on working on a new InnoHEIs 2.0 initiative as this successful cooperation comes to an end. Afterwards we had a company visit to the technology company Bod Group in the new town of Vilnius. Followed by visiting the university of Vilnius, where students and professors showed us around their new sciences projects and how they connect policy, business, students and private companies in the region. Afterwards we did a quick visit to the incubator located right next to the university campus. We closed the day off by a walk and dinner tour at the beautiful waters of Trakai.

May 11, the last day in Vilnius started with the steering committee. We discussed our further action plans that are going to be finalised, agreed that the final event next year will take place in Poland and finally looked back on our lovely and educative visit to Lithuania. The day ended with a tour through Vilnius guided by a local tour guide.

We are all very grateful for the perfect cooperation, sharing of best practices and the strong bond created along the way, thank you all!