On December 16th, 2020 RISE Research Institutes of Sweden organized two consecutive online regional stakeholder workshops. The concept of organizing two work shops at the same time were implemented as a test of efficiency with support of digital possibilities, but also as a result of re planning due to Covid-crisis.

The INNO Industry SWOT was once again addressed in the first stakeholder workshop. The fact that a pandemic crisis wasn’t identified as a threat was discussed as well as the actuality of the SWOT in spite of crisis. Still actuality in the SWOT was the overall opinion!

Second workshop was addressing Good Practices, first the three Swedish ones where presented, where stakeholders presented the cases. Then Lower Austrian House of Digitalization was presented as well as Hackathons as a cooperation platform. Stakeholder made their reflections in breakout rooms and a output from this workshop the concept of Hackathon’s will be implemented and tested during spring 2021!