Over the past year, partners and stakeholders from the INNO Industry project, have been working together by sharing knowledge and 30 good practices with the aim of drafting ideas for the future action plans to be implemented in each region. This exchange of good practices has been a very important source of inspiration for new solutions for regional policies that will be reflected in each partners’ action plan, which are at this moment under development and will be ready by January 2022.

In the context of the Interreg Europe programme, a good practice is identified as an initiative (e.g. methodologies, project, processes, techniques) in one of the programmes thematic priorities, which has already proven successful and has a transfer potential to another geographic area. The good practice database of the platform gives an access to the Platform community to the validated practices from 30 European countries on: research and innovation, SME competitiveness, low-carbon economy, and environment and resource efficiency.

As the INNO Industry project aims to increase rate of clusters that develop activities to support the transformation towards Industry 4.0 by 2022 through the improvement of regional and national policies, partners have been sharing best practices related with cluster activities and the promotion of Industry 4.0, which will ultimately help to develop a European Blueprint as a policy guide towards clusters 4.0.

While it is true that this exchange of best practices was initially planned to be carried out through a study visit, the situation caused by COVID disrupted these plans. That is why, during 2020, INNO Industry project partners have been conducting virtual presentations with those organizations responsible for each of these good practices, in which they have been able to ask questions and deepen on the objectives and actions of these good practices, which can then be implemented or used by other partners as a source of inspiration to improve the efficiency of policy instruments when implementing policies related to clusters to Industry 4.0.

The good practices shared under the INNO Industry project can be consulted here.