The Regional Stakeholders Meeting was held on 31st May 2021 at SBA premises in Bratislava. The main topic was an agreement on the future activities and plans to work in the development of a realistic Action Plan for Slovakia, inspired by the best practices and preparation of the 4th Regional Stakeholders Workshop.

Participants from the Ministry of Economy of the SR, Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, and Slovak Business Agency discussed on actual situation within the agenda of the project and proposed actions for the Action plan. Project manager SBA informed about changes in the project team and project activities planned for the next period. All participants agreed on meetings and regional stakeholders’ workshops in 2021 and expressed the interest in sharing experiences of project partners from Austria – eco plus in the field of monitoring and evaluation of efficiency cluster support.

Based on this agreement, SBA is going to organize the 4th Regional Workshop at end of June 2021. The workshop will be focused on one action from the Action plan together with eco plus.