On 19 January 2022, an online conference on “Improving innovation policies in the area of adoption 4.0” was held in Bratislava, organized by the Slovak Business Agency in cooperation with the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, and the Slovak Cluster Union.

The program of the event was aimed at presenting the results of the first phase of the project and at discussing the action plan in Slovakia, which is one of the main outputs of the project. Speakers of the conference were representatives of the Ministry of the Economy of the SR, Slovak Business Agency, Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, and company who are project stakeholders. The event was moderated. The main output of the project and the point of the program was the presentation of the action plan in Slovakia and the calls for 2022.

The audience of the online event were representatives of Ministry of Investment and Regional Development of the SR, Ministry of Economy of the SR, Regional National Business Centrum, Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Entrepreneurs Association of Slovakia, Slovak Craft Industry Federation, Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Slovak Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Self-employed persons, expert platforms, clusters and SMEs.

Participants took the opportunity to get involved in the discussion and asked, for example, about the future of innovation vouchers and co-ordination activities in relation to innovative vouchers implemented under the Recovery and Resilience Plan (component 9), the existence of a long-term strategy for supporting clusters in Slovakia, the co-ordination and competences in the field of smart specialization in Slovakia, and the time estimation on call for 2022. All answers to questions were given directly at the event.