On 6th and 7th March project partners from Italy, Estonia, Belgium and Germany will meet for the first of the second round of Peer review meetings in Dresden, Germany, organised by Chemnitz University of Technology. Partners will discuss the national and regional Policy instruments related to Research and Innovation infrastructures (RIIs) and visit the Volkswagen (VW) Manufacture.

Volkswagen, the city of Dresden and the Saxon Development Bank have founded together a start-up centre - the VW ideation hub. It gives a favourable location and excellent environment for start-ups, which relate to the topics of e-mobility and connected driving. Partners will have the opportunity to visit the incubator, to meet its management and possibly to meet start-ups that have just started their activities in that interesting ecosystem for e-mobility innovations. It is the first "competence centre" for e-mobility of VW and a good example, how the industrial development concepts and subsequently the infrastructure has been transformed according to new needs and requirements (from big, environmentally not very favourable luxury cars to e-cars for mass market, linked with new business that get a chance to grow in the environment).

On the 7th March INNO INFRA SHARE partners will continue their discussions towards creating local Action plans and will get a chance to get to know the policy instrument tackled by Chemnitz University of Technology – “Strategy Workshop: Industry of the Future” by participating in the 2nd Strategy Conference.


The event is on invitation only.


Photo: https://www.glaesernemanufaktur.de/en/incubator