After a long break, the partners of the INNO PROVEMENT international project met again in person at the beginning of November 2021. At the meeting the members of the international consortium presented their Regional Action Plans, which aims to develop Industry 4.0 related funding opportunities in each partner region based on the experience gained in the INNO PROVEMENT project.

After a two-year pause due to the epidemic situation, the international partnership of the INNO PROVEMENT project was able to meet again in person in November 2021, having regard to the fact that after the year-end 2019 meeting in Lisbon, the partners were only able to organize online meetings amid the emerging waves of coronavirus. The first in-person meeting since the start of the pandemic took place in Budapest, on 8-10 November 2021. As a sign of commitment towards the importance of personal interactions, all partners attended the meeting, despite the deteriorating pandemic situation all over the European Union. 

On the first full day of the meeting, the partners visited two enterprises in Central Transdanubia, which are at the fore-front of applying Industry 4.0 solutions. One of the companies visited, Vesz-Mont 2000 Kft. based in Nemesvámos, has already grown from a micro enterprise to a regional holding. Their primary business activity is the provision of industrial automation solutions, the manufacture of target machines to their clients through survey, design, manufacture, installation and service. During the visit, the partners were able to see a number of complex technological units using industrial robots that are currently under construction at the plant.

The second visited factory LogSol Kft. in Szabadbattyán is specialized in the manufacture of aggregators, custom machines and uninterruptible power supplies. The company is constantly incorporating Industry 4.0 solutions into its production flows, which were presented to the international partners by the company’s top management.

On the second day of the meeting, the project partners presented their Regional Action Plans, prepared in recent months. These plans include measures to develop policy instruments, inspired by foreign good practices identified in the framework of the project. The INNO PROVEMENT partnership brings together seven organizations with managing authority and/ or intermediate organizational role and one advisory partner, the ICT Association of Hungary (‘ICT’). The ICT is responsible for providing technical background and expert advice throughout the project, while the seven organizational partners laid down sixteen actions in seven action plans.

The actions defined by the partners in the INNO PROVEMENT project include strategies, support schemes and development of projects related to Industry 4.0. Several actions build on the implementation and development of the Industry 4.0 maturity matrixes that have been presented by other countries or regions. Actions have also been taken to introduce an approach to accompany businesses throughout the digital transformation process. As a result of common knowledge sharing, four partners will organize their own awareness-raising event based on the good practice of the Hungarian “Night of Modern Factories” event. 
The implementation of the actions has already started and the project partners are actively involved and closely monitoring the process. Partners will report on the progress made in implementation at partnership meeting organized by Marche Region in Italy in the first half of 2022.

The INNO PROVEMENT project is supported by ERFA under the Interreg Europe programme.

Further information:

Barna Katalin, Ministry of Finance (Hungary), [email protected]