The Regional Council of Kainuu, INNO PROVEMENT project PP8, following the integration of Industry 4.0 into the 4th thematic area of the 2021-2027 Kainuu RIS3 [Activity 1 Integration of Industry 4.0 into the Kainuu RIS3 2021 – 2027 (Type 2 policy impact) ] , are now opening the implementation of Activity 2 Industry 4.0 path, uptake by SMEs (Type 1 policy impact) and Activity 3 Integration of the tailored approach (SME Industry 4.0 path) into policy instrument calls (Type 2 and Type 1 policy impact). PP8 held a preparatory meeting on 6 April 2022 involving the Structural Funds, RIS3 and INNO PROVEMENT teams. Targeted criteria were agreed to be developed for the call and what was crucial is the understanding that the INNO PROVEMENT action plan is re-enforcing Kainuu SF objectives, especially those of Policy Objective 1. A meeting with the regional stakeholders and potential applicants is planned for the 25th April 2022. Following that, the calls will be elaborated and announced.