Within the European Mobility Days, the Car Free Day will take place on Saturday 21 September in four Prague locations. In the City centre on Mariánské náměstí in Prague 1 and in the districts of Kbely, Dolní Měcholupy and Újezd. The motto of this year is "Walk with us"!

The European Mobility Week 2019 program in Prague offers a range of events and accompanying activities. On Monday, September 16, there was the Day without Road Death - EDWARD. The purpose of the event was to make road users think about their traffic behaviour. On Tuesday there was a discussion on Micromobility as a transport solution in cities. Wednesday offered Traffic Education Day for Children. Thursday belonged to the discussion The Threat of MAMATAXI – aimed at parents who drive their kids to and from school. On Friday, September 20, the second year of the Educational Day without Barriers at the European House in Jungmannova Street was organized.

This EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK puts the spotlight on safe walking and cycling and the benefits it can have for our health and environment. Active transport modes such as walking and cycling are emission-free.

The motto of the European Mobility Week highlights walking this year and pedestrians are slowly taking back Prague streets. Mariánské square, once a parking lot, will became on Saturday 21 September a car-free zone with plans to turn it into a cultural hotspot. This day the Mariánské square will be enlivened with live music, theatre performances, dances and workshops for children.

 Walk with us! EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK 2019, official video