Transport experts sharing together their visions for innovation

INNOTRANS project is connecting and mobilising stakeholders in transport to inform and direct policy, creating the best environment possible for improving innovation in transport. Collaboration amongst transport leaders, industry and academics is at the heart of the INNOTRANS project.

INNOTRANS objectives

To ensure innovation, we have to create the right environment. INNOTRANS will: 

    • Map regional transport innovation capacity and identify competitive advantage
    • Identify and publish good practices
    • Publish guidelines for policy interventions and action plans
    • Create funding strategies

The project will create the environment to link and leverage transport assets in new and different ways.

Project results

INNOTRANS will improve current measures in support of transport innovation public funding schemes as a key element of the transport innovation infrastructure. During the lifetime of the project, INNOTRANS will come up with: 

  • Good Practice Handbook
  • Five Regional Policy Recommendations
  • Joint policy Recommendation
  • Five Regional Action Plans
  • Joint Action Plan

Take a look at the project summary.