The new Sustainable Mobility Fair called e-SALON will present visitors new models of electric vehicles in Prague, the Czech Republic. It will highlight other alternative drives such as CNG, LPG, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, LNG and biofuels. Visitors and professionals will be able to get acquainted with the Smart Cities projects, with development in carsharing, autonomous vehicles, charging and charging infrastructure.

The exhibition of the City of Prague, partner of the INNOTRANS project, will showcase a unique model of 21st century Prague street that combines sustainable means of transport powered by electricity. It will offer mutual comparison of means of transport – electric car, tram, train, metro and electric bus, and it will provide information from where the electricity is produce from to spin the wheels of subways, trains, trams, electric buses, electric cars, electric bikes and e-scooters. It will answer the question whether those who claim that electromobility is practically on coal are right. On the model of Prague street, visitors will see a number of small models including a cleaning e-car.

Almost 23,000 visitors visited the e-SALON last year. They were interested not only in the exhibition, but in thematic lectures on clean mobility, shared data and on the public transport in the city, as well.

E-salon this year will take place from 14 to 17 November 2019.