Five INNOTRANS project partners are currently working on final version of their Policy Recommendations (PR) and Action Plans (AP). The Actions Plans, which derive from the project, suggest schemes for the support of transport innovation in the regional Growth and Jobs programmes. Recommendations are proposed input to be considered by policy makers. Here is a summary of the drafts of PRs and APs of INNOTRANS project partners.   

Abruzzo Region, Italy

Policy Recommendation

Abruzzo Region recommends to enhance transportation management capacity local public through the implementation of a coordinated digitalization policy. It focusses on the Triennial Planning for Public Transportation, a strategic document that has also a strong political drive towards the implementation of what it sets as goals and therefore has an important impact and relevance for Local Authorities also by introducing guidelines for future development of public transport services and contracts with Operators.

Abruzzo Region partner also recommends single regional ticket extension. The use of a single regional ticket is now limited to the greater area of Chieti and Pescara, two close provinces with an evident inequality of the offer for operators and users (the ticket has the same prize for 5 km and 20 km as it is valid at the same conditions for the urban and peri-urban territory).  

Action Plan

Action Plan will concentrate on guidelines and recommendations in the TRIENNIAL PLANNING FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION introducing systematic ICT use in existing and new fleet equipment and incentives for Transport Operators for CO2 reductions.

Coventry, UK

Policy Recommendation

Future transport innovation is very complex and requires a wider understanding of more technologies than a single organization can manage. The city of Coventry is already at the centre of transport Innovation in the region. The recommendation builds on the strengths of the city and past success. The Recommendation focusses on making more effective use of current funding plans. It also suggests to create Transport Innovation Cluster and Network.

Action Plan

Coventry Action Plan proposes an integration of transport innovation support in existing ERDF SMEs support programmes and creation of a network of transport-oriented innovators in the region.

Central Macedonia Region, Greece 

Policy Recommendation

The Recommendation concern of reinforcement of the relationships within the Government, Business, Universities and of effective dissemination of information. It is important to bring closer together the players of the ecosystem towards the cultivation of continuous transport innovation culture by coordinating networking and facilitating the communication among them.

Information flow channels between the transport innovation stakeholders are missing hindering networking and cooperation. Well-trained workforce can enhance and foster transport innovation capacity, too.

Action Plan

The actions will focus on better coordination of networking within the Region, facilitation of the communication among the key transport players as well as information sharing. Thematic meetings, events, workshops, seminars on transport innovation could be held for the relevant stakeholders.

South-East Regional Development Agency – SE RDA, Romania 

Policy Recommendation

South-East Regional Development Agency recommends new improved guidelines and new call of proposals. It is important to adapt expected results and financing requirements to market needs and stimulate companies to prepare and submit product and service innovation projects in partnership with technology transfer organisations.

Action Plan

In the Action Plan there is a simplification of the evaluation process: less official documents provided by the beneficiary in the submission phase, but requested in the contracting phase.

Action Plan aims at the change of the rules of the eligibility of the project, Applicant/Partner: new option introduced in terms of proving the collaboration with a TTC. So far, the only option for the SME was to conclude a partnership with a TTC. The proposed change is to accept the conclusion of a contract with the TTC (as service provider), as well.

It is also important to improve the definition of following terminology: “technological transfer”; “product innovation”; “process innovation”.

City of Prague, Czech Republic

In the Policy Recommendation and Action Plan, the city of Prague concentrates on the topic of autonomous driving and electromobility.

The Action Plan suggests to map the transport infrastructure and identifying roads for priority conversion into autonomous-driving-ready infrastructure. It proposes: A pilot installation of autonomous driving enablers - road markings, vertical road signs and C-ITS devices; Expanding autonomous-driving-ready communication networks and testing them; Developing “digital transport infrastructure and space twin”; and a pilot of autonomous driving.