Government Office for Development and European Cohesion will host and organise the sixth Exchange of Experience. Between 20-22 of May 2020 in Ljubljana, we will learn their experience in managing financial instruments such as the “Programme of financial engineering instruments” (PFEI) for SMEs. The situation regarding FIs addressing, and dedicated to supporting, innovation in SMEs (weakness identified by Slovenian Government) will be further analysed by partners.

Similar to previous exchanges of experiences, the event will consist of two working days with all the stakeholders, the first in PODIM (Maribor - the biggest regional event on FIs for start-ups and SMEs in Slovenia) and the following in Ljubljana. We see PODIM as an opportunity to disseminate the project, present the Innova-FI tool ‘Financing Innovation’ and our policy booklets. Besides our application to become guest speakers, we will try to have our own corner to make the project visible (and thus sharing the leaflets produced).

During day 3, the Slovenian Government will host a thematic workshop focusing on attracting and working with international private investors. The question of blending EFSI and ESIF could be included in the workshop.

** Due to COVID-19 pandemic this event has been postponed to September. Please check the 'Events' tab for the new event that will be online.