Valencia will host the first European Financing Conference on Sustainable Business Development and Innovation from November 11 to 13, 2020.  The conference, pioneer at European level, will help to contrast the different financing lines that currently exist in the market and to detect possible alternative and future ways that improve support for sustainable business development. 

As the director of the IVACE, Júlia Company pointed out in the presentation of the Conference to the Regional Observatory, which took place on February 26: “It is a satisfaction for the IVACE to organize this meeting with an essential theme and of value for the most of the regional, national and European business fabric, because although financing is not one of the first causes of success of a project, it is one of the main reasons for failure ”.

In this sense, Julia Company has pointed out the “difficulties and the challenge” that it means for SMEs to access it to realize short and medium-term investment projects, “even more so when we talk about sustainability projects.

The Conference is one of the actions proposed within the framework of the Regional Observatory for Financing for Sustainable Business Development and is supported by several Interreg projects in which IVACE participates, as Innova-FI, where the partners seek to improve the design and implementation of the Financial Instruments as a way of using the Structural Funds, and finMed that aims to boost the financing of innovation for green growth sectors through innovative clusters in the Mediterranean area.

In its organization, the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness has the collaboration of the Forum of Regional Development Agencies (ADR), the European Association of Regional Development Agencies EURADA and the European Crowdfunding Association.

For IVACE, the European positioning of the companies and entities of the Valencian innovation system is essential with direct participation in programs and initiatives linked to competitive improvement, interregional cooperation and the increase in R & D & I. IVACE manages the coordination of one of the largest support networks for the technological and commercial internationalization of SMEs (SEIMED), promoted and financed by the European Commission.

More information coming soon!