This is a request for proposals for the MusicAIRE (An Innovative Recovery for Europe) project, which is co-funded by the European Union under the 2020 Annual Work Programme for the implementation of the "Preparatory Action – Music Moves Europe: Boosting European Music Diversity and Talent" and will be managed by the consortium to which the grant was assigned, which consists of INOVA+ and the European Music Council (EMC).

Music has an impact on Europe (MME)

Music Moves Europe (MME) is the European Commission's overall framework for projects and actions supporting the European music sector. This includes a preparatory action (2018-2020) to test and prepare EU support under the Creative Europe programme (2021-2027) 3 for "sectorial support on music" in addition to existing funding opportunities (e.g.: cooperation projects, networks, platforms).

The restoration of the music ecosystem

The music industry has taken a huge hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it will be one of the last to recover. The crisis has brought to light and accelerated many of the industry's existing challenges. Simultaneously, the crisis has highlighted the importance of music for individuals and society as a whole, demonstrating its ability to unite and connect people through music.

It's critical to pool resources and support projects that help music operators, artists, and professionals who have been harmed by restrictions to resiliency and recovery.

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