Last week Innova-FI participated in the 20th edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities. The session counted with the participation of several speakers who shared their knowledge on a range of topics. The online workshop started with an activity guided by Chiara Frencia, the Board Member of SERN - Startup Europe Regions Network. Chiara moderated this online session and guided the attendees through 2 questions where participants had to produce a mind map. 

Alexandre Almeida from Agência Nacional de Inovação (ANI) and the Innova-FI Lead Partner gave the first presentation of the day. Alexandre introduced the subject of Financial Instruments and how to enlarge the policy toolbox for innovation and shared insights into the Innova-FI project and its action plan. 

Francesca Pozzar from Friuli Innovazione and the INFINITY Project Coordinator followed. Her presentation covered how cohesion funds can contribute to impactful Financial Instruments in Central Europe and explained the need for a project like INFINITY. She explained that current models of public finance are primarily concerned with managing money, and raising it, rather than ensuring it achieves outcomes. With INFINITY, the consortium hopes to help public and private finance providers and policymakers to adopt a new mindset when designing financial instruments to push R&I.

Alberto Masetti-Zannini the Global Development Director of Impact Hub closed the session with a very interesting presentation on social enterprise certification, impact management frameworks, and the importance of inclusion/equity standards in financial instruments. 

This online workshop closed with another activity coached by the moderator, Chiara Frencia. The 50 participants played a quiz on the topics covered throughout the session and the winner received a paid trip to Açores to attend the final event of the Innova-FI project happening in February!