MASDE is a service for the companies that are going through difficult times due to the external impacts and its economic consequences. The essence of this service is based on how, now more than ever, strategic reflection is necessary within the company and the possibility of contrasting it in a context of cooperation with the relevant agents in its sector, cluster, technological institute and institutional framework, in our case the Development Agency.

The Action Plan has been designed and approved by IVACE and the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of the Regional Government of Valencia.

Design of the Mechanism and the smart ITC tools and procedures for phase one and two.

The mechanism is fully developed, although this action is subject to continuous improvement and monitoring. The intelligent computer tools I and II, completely developed and tested in the textile sector, can be checked by accessing the MASDE platform.

Pilot implementation of the two first phases in the textile sector with very good results and the participation of 66 companies.

Over the last few months, the mechanism has been implemented in the textile sector of the Valencian Community, with the signing of a Collaboration Agreement with the AITEX textile technology institute and the ATEVAL sector cluster (annex agreement). As a result they have gone through the tool I of the different textile subsectors (see list of companies). In addition 6 companies have gone through in-depth study strategic workshop. From both tools implementation general conclusions have been drawn for the sector and shared with the actors of the agreement and the companies.

Guarantee Fund. The budget item has been approved, for an amount of €500,000 with a guarantee capacity of around €8 million.

Once the pilot in textiles has been successfully completed, we are awaiting the preparation of a report to improve the experience and the strategic report for the deployment of the mechanism in other industrial sectors of reference in the territory. It is expected that in the remainder of the year we can start at least the agreement with another sector.