On 14 of November 2018, Innova-FI partner Startup Europe Regions Network was a guest speaker at the thematic workshop on ‘Fostering entrepreneurship and business creation’ in Sofia (Bulgaria).

The Policy Learning Platform thematic workshop focused on the latest trends and developments from the European perspective and on the collaborations between regions and European initiatives aiming to support entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the workshop addressed the initiatives done by the European regions to boost entrepreneurship and business creation.

The thematic workshop was held back-to-back with the Startup Europe Summit 2018, in which SERN was present on 15 of November 2018. During this day, startup leading founders and tech leaders shared their learning, provided perspective and showed what it takes to build a successful startup. The Startup Europe Summit focused on the development of startup ecosystems in Central and Eastern Europe countries, as well as their connection to more developed ecosystems.

More information about the thematic workshop on 'Fostering entrepreneurship and business creation' here and about the Startup Europe Summit 2018 here.