Project News

Policy change in Podravje, Slovenia


Innova Foster project has already achieved change regarding the Regional...

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Innova Foster Final Conference


The Final Conference - an event summarizing our project will be held on 30th of...

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Activities of sTARTUp Tartu


sTARTUp Tartu is an initiative to provide real time, online and offline...

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The Podim DX conference beyond all expectations


Podim DX, which was transformed into a fully digital online implementation this...

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Entrepreneurial challenge for youth in the new form


SRC Bistra Ptuj, along with School Center Ptuj organized the Entrepreneurial...

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Podim is switching to digital.


Bistra's best practice is changing its formula to digital, due to the current...

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International cooperation - Partner Visit in Malta


Recently, the partner visit of seven partnering region took place in Malta. We...

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SharOn Academy almost completed


We will soon get to know the winner of SharOn Academy - acceleration program...

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All action plans now available in the library


All action plans have been approved by Joined Secretariat. They can be now found...

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Launching new acceleration programme for startups


1st of April was the official date of launching new acceleration programme for...

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Malta's Local Action Plan presented to the Minister


Malta Enterprise has finalised Local Action Plan as one of the tasks at the...

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Innova Foster good practices study


We identified initiatives fostering startups' innovativeness in Europe. They all...

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